My life has been spent innovating, designing and developing ground-breaking solutions for Working Capital, Payables, Receivables and Shared Services optimisation for the world's largest corporations and banks.

Why? I am unwilling to put up with archaic practices that don’t serve buyers or suppliers and this has been my driving passion for innovation in the financial industry.

My story is a relatively simple one. Starting out, I worked in world class technology companies where it was apparent to me that fresh thinking was needed to streamline processes and benefit payment ecosystems, going beyond automation of old processes.

My lifelong commitment to process improvement had begun and I embarked upon my entrepreneurial life. Founding several new breeds of FinTech companies, such as HMSL and Invapay, I have changed the way businesses operate, streamlining workflows, procurement and finance. And through technological and disruptive elements, I drive organisations forward to achieve more positive outcomes.

My unrivaled experience and expertise has propelled me into a sought after thought leader within the Global Finance industry. Renowned for streamlining and automation, I advise businesses, banks and government departments on the best FinTech automation solutions for financial transactions. I am proud to regularly chair and speak at global conferences and furthermore provide the same thought leadership in other sectors of personal interest, including technology, lifestyle and human interest.






  • Outside my involvement in FinTech companies, my experience and thirst for innovation allows me to branch out into other sectors with pioneering technologies. 
  • I advise and invest in a wide range of companies including pioneering AI applications and digital media to enable them to be true innovators and leaders in their field.
  • I also advise governments on their transformation towards a transparent and digital economy.


Lifestyle interest

  • Beyond my interest in technology, I provide strategic directorship for I-M Lifestyle Magazine.
  • It is furthermore my pleasure to write a regular column about timepieces. As an avid watch collector, I value the precision of movements and pursue quality and uniqueness above brand reputation.
  • I write about my lifestyle interests on this website on the magazine page. E.g. I recently wrote about the launch of the World GMT collection of Swiss made watches by my friend Matthew Cule who has developed the CuleM Brand, an independent luxury watchmaker.


Human Interest

I am immensely proud to have been the Business Manager for a dear friend Stephen Weiss. Stephen was a WWII veteran who served in the US infantry to liberate Europe. He experienced months of front-line danger which resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Stephen wrote about his very personal experiences in his book “The Invisible Scars of War” as well as an academic account of the negotiations leading up to WWII, “Allies in Conflict”.

Stephen sadly passed away in March 2020 and so, as a legacy, we are continuing to celebrate his extraordinary life.