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Harnessing the power of AI to support machine-learning and customer service

Based in London and Singapore, INTNT has developed the INTNT-ENGINE™; powerful AI driven software which trains chatbots by analysing conversations and predicting customer sentiment and intent.

This improves commercial outcomes in large insurance companies and similar organisations by reducing escalation to live-chat and increasing sales volumes.

The platform applies science that originates from Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A-STAR) to systematically analyse conversations by interpreting not just what enquirers say, but why they say it.

The INTNT-ENGINE™ takes twenty times less human intervention. This makes chatbots smarter, evolving twenty times faster than with manual training.

Through linguistic and contextual cues, chatbots can reliably guide enquirers towards the desired outcome at any stage of the customer journey.

This AI-based training is also a more economical solution compared to manually training AI bots – saving cost as well as management time.

Customer Satisfaction


Escalation to live chat decreases by as much as 70 percent and there is a major increase in customer satisfaction, with instant support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chatbot training software supports customer satisfaction ratings, which can improve by a factor of three compared to manually trained bots.


Lead sales volumes


With the expense of generating new leads through advertising, it makes sense to harness inbound opportunities and to focus on existing customers. The INTNT-ENGINE™ can avoid missed intents by as much as 85% and boost sales leads by up to 80%.


Lower training costs


All AI training is automated, leading to savings in chatbot training overhead costs by up to 95% and allowing teams to focus on more important tasks.