Optimising cash flow through credit cards

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business, especially for SMEs, and you need a financing solution which puts you in control and improves and optimises cash flow for your business. CardUp is an intuitive system which enables you to do just that, by simply using your credit card.

With CardUp you can pay business invoices, expenses and any other payments made by bank transfer, by charging them to your credit card. Recipients do not need to use CardUp to accept the payments and you can make payments to suppliers, even if they do not accept cards.

Using your existing credit card with CardUp, you will instantly be able to effectively manage your payments, stay in control and improve cash flow and reap many other benefits:


  • Deal with invoices all in one place, online and at the touch of a button
  • Schedule one-off and recurring payments in advance


  • Use your existing credit card limit to access cash
  • Avoid lengthy loan applications and approval processes


  • Earn points, miles or cashback on your credit card spend
  • Pay whilst getting credit and negotiate early payment or bulk purchase discounts

CardUp caters specifically for the needs of SMEs, by providing a fast, convenient and low cost financing solution. With CardUp you can:

  • Schedule one-off and recurring payments
  • Bulk upload invoices
  • Receive real-time payment status updates via email and SMS
  • Set approval levels within an organisation
  • Track all past and future transactions

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How CardUp works

1. Sign up for free

Sign up for your free CardUp account, using the quick and simple registration which takes less than a minute. Recipients do not need to sign up to CardUp to receive your payment.

2. Set up payment

Select the type of payment you need to make and which credit card you wish to use. You can make a one-off payment, schedule recurring payments, or set up payments in advance and use any of your credit cards.

3. CardUp pays

Your recipient is paid via bank transfer on the date you selected. Your card will be charged for your payment five business days prior to the payment due date, including a CardUp fee.

4. You pay back later

Extend your payment terms by paying back whenever your next card bill is due. Plus, earn valuable miles, points and cashback on your credit card for each payment you make.