Watch Collectors at Time District


Secure, Authenticated Marketplace for Watch Collectors

TIME DISTRICT is a new independent and verified mobile app that provide a trusted platform for watch collectors and connoisseurs guaranteeing true confidentiality by restoring self-control of personal data and using a blockchain-integrated authentication process.

The application is the result of a research and development process of more than 18 months conducted by a team based in Switzerland to give watch collectors exclusive access to a trusted community to exchange and interact with each other in the first truly safe and secure environment.

Watch Connoisseurs can grow their collections with complete peace-of-mind, knowing that platform onboarding is verified, end-to-end information is decentralized, transactions are protected by an escrow shield and a seamless, blockchain-integrated, and insurance-approved authentication process.

The app is designed by and for watch collectors to redefine the art of collecting by changing the way watch enthusiasts interact and exchange. TIME DISTRICT is the first social marketplace that enables users to review, search, authenticate and buy or sell timepieces in a trusted ecosystem.

For additional reassurance, the software is certified by the Swiss-Made Software Organisation and supported by the Swiss Confederation.

Senior Advisor Sid Vasili comments, “Watch Collectors are desperately seeking for an all-in-one toolbox to exchange and interact with each other in a safe and secure environment. TIME DISTRICT app provides collectors with a platform that looks and feels like them."



TIME DISTRICT is an independent and verified mobile app with end-to-end decentralized information and blockchain-integrated authentication process.